Friday, June 14, 2013

Iron Man 3 (2013) Review

Directed by
Shane Black
'Twas the night before the Man of Steel premiere
And where am I found?
At the movie theatre of course,
But not to see Superman hit the ground.

As the lines start to build
For the late Superman show
I'm there for a different superhero
One most fans already know

For I was just catching Iron Man
The third installment you see
"Better late than never"
Was my viewing decree

As I entered the theatre
Six weeks after its release
I did not expect a crowd
I'd watch my movie in peace

In fact there was one other guy
Seated before the movie had begun
He said, "Someone else hasn't seen this?
Good, I'm not the only one."
As Iron Man 3 began
We saw Tony Stark at Christmas time
He is busy building suit after suit
Fully prepared to stop the latest crime

He's having many struggles
With anxiety and sleep
Remember The Avengers
And the peace he had to keep?

In fact just the mention of aliens
Or anything with The Avengers saga
Make Tony Stark freak out
Seriously, he goes gaga
Throw into the scenario
A terrorist who is mad
He calls himself The Mandarin
Trust me, this guy is bad

While Tony continues to struggle
Dealing with his past
He tries to find The Mandarin
While Pepper wonders how he'll last

Iron Patriot helps out,
That's War Machine's new name
The government re-vamped him
Trying to garner him more fame
As places continue to be bombed
Without a sign of any bomb parts
Tony tries to figure it out
Using his dry and witty smarts

Then The Mandarin hits too close to home
Really, really close in fact
Like literally destroys his house
The odds against Tony are stacked.

Stark is forced to rediscover
His motives behind it all
Why he hides behind the mask
What caused his latest downfall?
When the film comes to its end
And the credits have begun
One thought rolls through your mind
"Man, these films are fun!"

Does it live up to the others?
The first two were so great!
It probably falls a little short
Which was its inevitable fate

It is hard for this to try and eclipse
The legend of  1 & 2
Add to that the landmark Avengers
What more could this film do?
It was able to continue the story
Of the incomparable Iron Man
Thanks to Robert Downey, Jr.
Tony Stark will always stand.

There's never been a better role
More suited for one dude
Than Robert Downey and Tony Stark
They have the same temperament and mood!

So where does Iron Man go from here
After installment number three?
Obviously, The Avengers 2
Which fills my heart with glee!

And looking forward, who really knows
How many Iron Man's there'll be
I say they make as many as they want
As long as they star Mr. Downey.

Rating: 3 stars

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  1. Iron Man 3 is a great movie. I have joyed the movie very much. This is one of the best movie of 2013.