Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Summer Movie Preview!

Well it's finally that time of year, where the movies are bigger and the thrills are higher.  It's the start of the Summer Movie Season!  So lets get into our movie preview.

MAY 1, 2015: The Avengers: Age of Ultron
The kickoff of to the summer movie season.  This movie is going to be huge.  All our favorite heroes are back as well as a welcome of new comers (Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver).  This movie will also be the end of Phase Two and bring us one of the best villains to the screen, Ultron. 

MAY 8, 2015 : Hot Pursuit, The D-Train, Maggie, 5 Flights Up
It will be interesting to see how recently nominated actress, Reese Witherspoon, adjust to this buddy comedy.  Hopefully Witherspoon and Vergara will have good chemistry.

Arnold Schwarzenegger looks like he is actually trying to act in this movie.  This is an interesting zombie movie that looks pretty cool.

Looks like it has some potential to be pretty fun.  Jack Black looks like he is trying as well.

MAY 15, 2015: Mad Max: Fury Road, Pitch Perfect 2, Slow West
Mad Max looks amazing!  Tom Hardy dropped out of Suicide Squad to promote this movie and that makes me more excited because he basically said that he rather promote a movie than be in a huge blockbuster.  That's awesome! 

The first Pitch Perfect was a really funny and entertaining movie, that I was amazed I enjoyed.  I can't wait to sing a long to this one too!

MAY 22, 2015: Tomorrowland, Spy
Brad Bird is such a great director and he shows a lot of confidence in this movie by turning down the Star Wars job.  This looks like a very interesting idea about the Disneyland park.  

MAY 29, 2015: San Andreas 3D, Aloha
Just a great cast of characters in this film.  The trailer looks amazing as well.

Dwayne Johnson stars in this California disaster movie.  Looks very "2012" like and could be a good popcorn flick.

June 5, 2015: Insidious: Chapter 3, Entourage

June 12, 2015: Jurassic World, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
So hoping that this will be a great movie.  Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard co-star in this dino disaster movie! 

June 17, 2015: The Bronze

June 19, 2015: Inside Out, Dope
Pixar can do no wrong.  So does it really matter what their movies are about?  Not really, but this is going to be a really emotional one.  Cause its about our emotions!

June 26, 2015: Ted 2
Grab your thunder buddy, cause our favorite talking and walking bear is back!

July 1, 2015: Terminator: Genisys, Magic Mike XXL
He's back!  I'm not sold on this movie for the simple reason that the trailer gave away way to much of the story and plot.  But still will be fun to see the Terminator back!

July 10, 2015: Minions, The Gallows
It's going to be interesting to see how the minions carry this whole film.  But it will bring some good laughs, I hope.  Also Gru might make a cameo at the end.

July 17, 2015: Ant-Man, Trainwreck, Mr. Holmes
Marvel can't do no wrong.  Considering how an amazing success Guardians of the Galaxy was, this gamble should do just find.  The last trailer as well sold me on this film too.

Judd Apatow is finally back directing a new movie.  It will be good to see his style of filmaking again.

July 24, 2015: Poltergeist, Pixels
The original film was scary and I'm hoping this will bring some good scares.  Sam Rockwell is a good actor, it's crazy that he is in a horror movie.

July 31, 2015: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Vacation, Southpaw, Self/less
Original slated for a December release but there's a little film called Star Wars The Force Awakens.  So it pushed this movie up a few months.  Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt as his team goes against the Rogue Nation.

I was one of the first people who drank the cool-aid for Jake Gyllenhall's performance in "Nightcrawler".  Could this movie finally get him a Leading Actor nomination at this years Oscar's?

August 7, 2015: The Fantastic Four
This remake of the not so good film of the same name, looks 100% times better.  Plus it's staring Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan so I'm game!

August 14, 2015: The Man from U.N.C.L.E, Straight Outta Compton
This bio-pic of N.W.A. has got me listening and singing their songs again.  I think it's totally cool that Dr. Dre and Ice Cube's sons are playing their fathers in this movie.

August 21, 2015: Sinister 2, Max
The first was such a surprise hit, that was really scary.  I gotta see this one!

August 28, 2015: Hitman: Agent 47
Originally was going to star Paul Walker, but from the trailer it looks action packed and better than the original.

1. Straight Outta Compton
2. The Avengers: Age of Ultron
3. Tomorrowland
4. Mad Max: Fury Road
5. Southpaw
6. Jurassic World
7. Inside Out
8. Mission Impossible V: Rogue Nation
9. Ant-Man
10. Trainwreck

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  1. It is a really weak slate this year. Here are my top 10:

    1. Inside Out
    2. Straight Outta Compton
    3. Trainwreck
    4. Terminator: Genisys
    5. Southpaw
    6. Mad Max: Fury Road
    7, Avengers: Age of Ultron
    8. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
    9. Dope
    10. Pitch Perfect 2

    Limited Releases:
    1. Love & Mercy
    2. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
    3. The End of the Tour
    4. The D Train
    5. Slow West