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Actors Whose Films Gross the Most Money

I don't know about most of you, but the actor in movies has a lot to do with my choices in going to the cinema.  As I researched this topic, I was shocked by who is in the Top 50 and even more about the Top 10.  

I do have favorite actors that I always enjoy seeing.  My personal favorite actors are: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Harrison Ford, and Joaquin Phoenix.  Just to name a view of them.

I will be putting the actor, how much money the films make, the number of films. and the highest grossed film.  All money totals are in million dollars amounts.  So lets get to this list:

          Actor:               $ Amount:    Films:      Highest Film:
50. Anna Hathaway     $2,263.7        23    The Dark Knight Rises

49. Sigourney Weaver   $2,276.4      46            Avatar
48. Steve Carrel           $2,291.6        22        Despicable Me 2
47. Leonardo Dicaprio  $2,334.7      24             Titanic 
46. Sandra Bullock      $2,336.2      34              Gravity
45. Antonio Banderas   $2,374.1     42              Shrek 2
44. Dustin Hoffman      $2,378.6     41              Meet the Fockers
43. Rupert Grint            $2,390.5    13      Harry Potters Deathly                                                                              Hollows Part 2
42. Mark Wahlberg       $2,395.4     35          Transformers 4
41. John Travolta          $2,398.8     44              Grease
40. Nicholas Cage         $2,407.0     56      National Treasure 2
39. Adam Sandler       $2,412.5        30            Big Daddy
38. Elizabeth Banks    $2,443.0        34       Catching Fire
37. Ralph Fiennes       $2,446.5        32      Harry Potter Deathly 
                                                                    Hollows Part 2
36. Jonah Hill              $2,448.9        26         The Lego Movie
35. Daniel Radcliffe    $2,449.2       13      Harry Potter D.H. Part 2
34. Woody Harrelson  $2,456.3       47        Catching Fire
33. Don Cheadle          $2,471.8       32      Avengers: Age of Ultron
32. Bradley Cooper     $2,487.4       23       American Sniper
31. Tommy Lee Jones   $2,494.7     43       Men in  Black
30. Scarlett Johansson  $2,536.3      34       The Avengers
29. Jim Carrey                $2,545.2      27           The Grinch
28. Owen Wilson           $2,545.8      36         Night at the Museum
27. Brad Pitt                   $2,610.1      38         World War Z
26. Julia Roberts            $2,641.7      39          Ocean's 11
25. Emma Watson         $2,681.8      14      Harry Potter D.H. Part 2
24. Matt Damon            $2,722.7      37      The Bourne Ultimatum
23. Helena Bonham Carter  $2,739.6   33   Harry Potter D.H. Part 2
22. Cate Blanchett     $2,786.5       36     LOTR: Return of the King 
21. Stanley Tucci          $2,797.1       48           Catching Fire
20. Ben Stiller               $2,798.2       36        Meet the Fockers
19. Will Smith                $2,814.3      22             Independence Day
18. Orlando Bloom         $2,815.8     17   LOTR: Return of the King
17. Robert DeNiro          $2,909.8     74         Meet the Fockers
16. Liam Neeson            $2,937.1      61        The Phantom Menace
15. Gary Oldman            $3,029.8      36       The Dark Knight
14. Cameron Diaz           $3,031.7      34       Shrek 2
13. Ian McKellen            $3,135.2     31  LOTR: Return of the King 
12. Stellan Skarsgard      $3,168.5    42           The Avengers
11. Bruce Willis              $3,186.4    58          Sixth Sense

Now for the Top Ten...

10. Johnny Deep             $3,229.0    43        Dead Man's Chest
I'm not surprised about him being in the top ten but I figured he would be a little higher.  He was on a roll for a while but with recent flops to his name, he might be slowing down.  He however has another Pirates movie on the way so he could move up a couple spots sooner rather than later.

9. Michael Caine          $3,262.0       56        The Dark Knight
One of three people, that I'm truly surprise to be on this list.  But he has over fifty movies to his name, as well as several big Christopher Nolan movies to his name.  The Dark Knight killed the box office when it was released and he was a stand out in that film....right?

8. Robin Williams         $3,279.9        49        Night at the Museum
I'm surprised that Night at the Museum was his highest grossed movie.  It's sad that he will slowly move down this list from this point on.  But he was a great actor, with a very good talent of making us laugh!

7. Tom Cruise                $3,392.2        35           War of the Worlds
Surprised that it's not one of the Mission Impossible sequels.  He is totally a movie star!  War of the Worlds is a pretty good movie.  I guess I never realized how well it did at the box office.

6. Robert Downey Jr.     $.3,536.3     53             The Avengers
He will be in the top five by the summer next year with out a doubt.  Though the number one spot will not be to out of reach for him.  He has Captain America: Civil War and the Avengers 3 Part One and Two coming out in the next couple years.

5. Eddie Murphy     $3,810.4     38                    Shrek 2
Here's a man that was a huge star and now has completely fallen from the stature he one had.  I'm still surprise he is this high on the list.  But his early work made bank, when he was on his game.

4. Harrison Ford     $3.935.1               40               Star Wars

One of my favorite movies stars ever and favorite movie characters too.  By the end of this year his movies will gross the most of any actor so far.  Star Wars has proven to be an very marketable and continue to be the iconic film franchise.  Han Solo is who we all wanted to be when we grow up.  He is also the only one he shot too!

3. Tom Hanks        $4,264.2          42              Toy Story 2
A surprising name to be on this list.  It's weird to see him this high because you don't really think of him as a guy who is a blockbuster star.  But sometimes the mold will be broken and stars will surpise you.  He was in awesome movies like,: Apollo 13, Forrest Gump, Toy Story, and Saving Private Ryan.  Woody from Toy Story is totally the Luke Skywalker of the series just not as cool as Buss Lightyear (Han Solo)

2. Morgan Freeman      $4,311.8       58           The Dark Knight
 He always seems to be in huge movies as some wise character.  I really enjoy a lot of his roles when he is not phoning it in.  He will always be Red to me.  The Shawshank Redemption is one of my favorite films of all time.  

1. Samuel L. Jackson   $4,587.0    66               The Avengers
At first I was kinda surprise by this cause he seems to be in a lot of supporting minor roles.  But if you look at his filmography, you will quickly find out he is in a ton of huge franchises. I.E.-Jurassic Park, The Avengers, Star Wars, Die Hard, and XXX.  As well as Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained.  

Well thats the list.  It was really interesting to see the actors and where they place with all the others.  Weird not to see guys like Al Pacino and Chris Pratt crack the top 50 yet.  

So I might do Top 25 directors total grosses soon as well.  So keep on the look out for that  


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