Wednesday, February 17, 2016

SNL 41.12 Review - Larry David, The 1975

Original Airdate - 2/6/16

Larry David became quite the hit around the Saturday Night Live circles after he was brought in a couple times this season to give a spot-on Bernie Sanders impression.  So when it was announced that he would be hosting, it seemed like a natural next step.  Bringing in one of the Seinfeld creators to help write some sketch comedy had to come up with some great material.  It certainly did.

Cold Opening

One of the benefits of bringing back Darrell Hammond to be SNL's resident Donald Trump is it has freed up Taran Killam to bring to life Ted Cruz, an impression he is much better at.  This is the first non-debate sketch to feature Cruz, who is looking more and more like a legitimate presidential candidate.  It was a solid sketch that we can expect more of before the season is over.


Few people are as naturally funny as Larry David.  Listening to him talk about anything will make you laugh pretty quickly.  It was no surprise then that his monologue was a true monologue.  He is one of the few people that can really say whatever they want, and it would still be endearing.  This was no exception.

Weekend Update

There were three visitors to the Update desk this week.  First, we have our weekly visit from Kate McKinnon.  With the release of Barbies of all shapes and sizes, Kate debuts Sturdy Barbie in a way only Kate can pull off.  Next comes the first appearance at the Update desk for new castmember Jon Rudnitsky, who reenacts his version of Dirty Dancing.  It was so strange and wonderful that in any other episode, it would have ended the segment.  However, there was also Zoolander and Hansel talking politics.  That is kind of hard to top.  This was possibly the best set of guests to the Update desk this season.

Best Sketch

This was a sketch that forced everyone to do a double take.  In a simulation exercise at the FBI, cadets are trained on shooting at threats and not at civilians, but then someone pops up that they don't know what to do with.  It takes a second to fully realize that Kevin Roberts is in fact Larry David.  It's quite the disguise and quite the sketch because of it.

Worst Sketch

My favorite thing about this episode is there really wasn't a bad sketch.  If I had to pick one, this would probably be it, mainly because SNL did a terrible job at keeping the secret of the sketch.  After some interaction among the people on the boat, out pops Bernie Sanders to have a conversation with his impersonator.  It's a great sketch, but Sanders's appearance on the show was released to the press two days or so before the episode was aired.  It ruined the surprise.

Dark Horse Sketch

As a teacher, I fully appreciate the brilliance of this sketch.  It's a little silly and goofy, but too good not to share.  Iguana?  Wanna?

It's hard to go a whole episode without a bad sketch.  Somehow, this episode did.  Larry David needs to host more often if this is the result.  He is one of those hosts that instantly makes every sketch funnier.  Add to that such a strong Weekend Update, and this is one of the stronger episodes of the season.


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