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SNL 41.13 Review - Melissa McCarthy, Kanye West

Original Airdate - 2/13/16

One of the most popular hosts of the last few seasons at Saturday Night Live has been Melissa McCarthy.  As her star continues to rise in Hollywood, she keeps on getting asked back.  She has had poor performances, and she has had great performances.  It either seems to be one or the other.  Where would this episode fall?

Cold Opening

This was possibly the most creative political sketch of the season so far.  It starts with a group of people talking about the election.  They all agree Hilary is the logical choice, but they all lean towards Bernie.  Then we hear what could only be referred to as "Hilary's Lament."  It's such a strange way of looking at this presidential race but such a fun look at the environment.  Oh yeah, and poor old Jeb...


I loved this monologue.  Melissa McCarthy comes out so excited that she finally gets to join the exclusive "5 Timers Club" for those that have hosted the show five times.  She even has a song prepared for it.  Then she realizes the 40th Anniversary Episode last year doesn't count.  She was one of many that spoke on stage so she considered it a hosting gig.  So it's just her fourth turn, but look for that celebration to take place soon.

Weekend Update

Weekend Update has been one of the highlights of every show this season.  It's the one thing that can be counted on in a bad episode, and something that puts good episodes over the top.  This one put this episode over the top.  First, there was a great cameo by Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, asked to talk about science which he constantly compared to hitting Cam Newton.  Then we have an impression that Vanessa Bayer can actually do, and it's a good one.  She channels her inner mid-90's Rachel Green from Friends and completely nails it.  Last, we have another appearance by Leslie Jones as she gives her Valentine's oratory.  I was laughing the whole time.

Best Sketch

Melissa McCarthy is a master of awkward comedy, and this sketch is a perfect example.  A teen has decided to sit down with his parents for a movie night.  However, everyone forgot this movie has a sex scene, and there is nothing more awkward than watching a sex scene in a movie sitting next to your parents.  This was one of many great sketches in this episode where McCarthy uses that awkward comedy to perfection, but this one is the best.

Worst Sketch

This sketch was all right, but I am just not a fan of comedy revolving around race relations and tensions.  This sketch talks about the latest Beyonce song and how it is forcing white people to come to grips with the fact that Beyonce is black.  There is an interesting point to the sketch, but I just don't find it that funny.

Dark Horse Sketch

Whenever Kyle Mooney has one of his sketches make the show, this spot really just becomes a time to focus on his genius.  This sketch is just crazy.  Apparently, Kyle Mooney thought he could be a rapper and decides to challenge Kanye West to a rap battle.  That's really all you need to know.  Enjoy.

At the beginning, I said there are two types of Melissa McCarthy episodes: really good ones and really bad ones.  This was a really good one.  There were times in this episode I was laughing harder than I have all season.  You add to the great sketches the spectacle that is a Kanye West performance, and you have one of the best episodes of the season.  This is the second episode in a row I have said that.  This group is really hitting their stride this season.


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