Monday, June 20, 2016

Power Rankings: Top Five Anton Yelchin Roles

As I was preparing to do the next power rankings, I went to to see some of the latest entertainment news.  I came across the article saying that Anton Yelchin had passed away, he was 27.
He wasn't the most well known actor around, and I haven't seen many of his films.  But when he was on screen, I always liked what he brought to those films.  He had a charisma, that I felt popped of the screen.  With his passing, lets take this moment and remember what a brief time we have and also reflect on a few of his films.

Films I need to see:  Green Room , Like Crazy, Fright Night, Alpha Dog, The Beaver

Kyle Reese - Terminator Salvation
Not a huge role, but a character we remember from previous films.  He reminded us of a few moments in previous films, if it was a line of dialogue or an interesting action.  

Star Trek 
Star Trek Into Darkness
He added his humor to this role.  One of my favorites of these Star Trek films, was his role in them.

Odd Thomas - Odd Thomas
What a very underrated film.  If you haven't seen or heard of this film, go check it out.  It's a fun ride!

Charlie Bartlett - Charlie Bartlett
The number one role, has to go to the first film that I seen him in.  His chemistry with Robert Downey Jr was good.  He showed off his ability to be a star!

R.I.P. Anton Yelchin!

Well that's my list!

What roles did you like?


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  1. Alpha Dog and Like Crazy will never leave my memory. He was always underrated, a young Johnny Depp.