Saturday, April 15, 2017

Movie Battle: (Final Four) Best Disney Animated Film!

We are finally at the Final Four films in the Movie Battle, to determine the Number One Disney Animated Film.  Its been a crazy road up to this point.  A lot of good stories have come from this tournament!  We watched higher ranking films not even make the second round.  We watched as underdog films made the elite eight!  It's been fun seeing the films battle for the top spot, but now we are down to just four films left!

Here are the results for the 3rd round!

Princess Bracket:
#2 Beauty and the Beast 73.53% takes out #4 Cinderella 26.47%.  (Beauty and the Beast has the highest percentage of the votes out of all the films in this round!  Can it go to the finals?)

Talking Animal Bracket:
#1 The Lion King 67.65% devours #7 The Jungle Book 32.35% (The number 7 seed put up the hardest fight for the number 1 seed but it was all for not.  Has the Lion King lost some steam?)

Pixar Bracket:
#1 Toy Story 52.94% holds off #7 The Incredibles 47.06%  (The Incredibles almost had the up set.  They were leading the whole week until the very last day of voting and lost by two votes.)

Wild Card Bracket:
#3 Aladdin 53% upsets #1 Pinocchio 47% (Aladdin had the lead the whole week and never gave it up.  Did the Genie help it win?)

Here are the match ups for the Final Four!

Princess vs Talking Animal: #2 Beauty and the Beast vs #1 The Lion King

Pixar vs Wild Card: #1 Toy Story vs #3 Aladdin

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