Sunday, April 23, 2017

Movie Battle The Finals: Best Disney Animated Film!

This is it folks, the finals are finally here!  Out of 32 competitors we are only left with 2 that hope to be crowned, "King of Disney Animation".  Both films had a hard fought road just to make it to the finals.  Lets take a look at the results and how we got to this point!

Princess vs Talkin Animal:
#1 The Lion King (54.29%) takes down #2 Beauty and the Beast (45.71%)

Pixar vs Wild Card:
#1 Toy Story (55.71%) takes down #3 Aladdin (44.29%)

The Lion King, had to defeat - #8 Bolt, #4 Dumbo, #7 The Jungle Book, and #2 Beauty and the Beast.

Toy Story had to defeat - #8 Walle, #4 Inside Out, #7 The Incredible, and #3 Aladdin.

Similar roads for both films, though Toy Story had harder opponents.  #7 The Incredibles gave it a run for it's money! 

So lets find out who is going to take the crown!  Also there will be some choices for the next Movie Battle too!


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