Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Battle: (Round 3) The Best Disney Animated Film!

Round 3!
When we started this tournament, we had 32 Disney Animated films in the bracket!  Now we are down to the Elite 8!  This last round, we lost a mermaid, a voyager, Nemo, our emotions, a flying elephant, a warrior princess, a city of animals, and a group of six heroes!  Lets check out what won our votes!

Princess Bracket:

#4 Cinderella 58.33% beats #8 Mulan 41.67%   (Mulan's Cinderella like story is over)

#2 Beauty and the Beast 63.89% beats #3 The Little Mermaid 36.11%  (Did the live action remake help Belle and the Beast?)

Talking Animal Bracket:

#1 The Lion King 86.11% beats #4 Dumbo 13.89%  (The Lion King is looking like the favorite)

#7 The Jungle Book 58.33% beats #3 Zootopia 41.67%  (Old School beats New School)

Pixar Bracket:

#1 Toy Story 66.67% beats #4 Inside Out 33.33%  (The Power of the number one seed.  Inside Out traveled to the moon !)

#7 The Incredbiles 52.78 beats #3 Finding Nemo 47.22%  (The slimiest of margins proved to much for Nemo)

Wild Card Bracket:

#1 Pinocchio 61.11% beats #5 Big Hero 6 38.89%  (Pinocchio proves to us, there are no strings on him!)

#3 Aladdin 69.44% beats #2 Moana 30.56%  (It looks like Moana was to close to the water and fell in) 

Here are the match ups for Round 3

Princess Bracket:

#4 Cinderella vs #2 Beauty and the Beast

Talking Animal Bracket:

#1 The Lion King vs #7 The Jungle Book

Pixar Bracket:

#1 Toy Story vs #7 The Incredibles

Wild Card Bracket:

#1 Pinocchio vs #3 Aladdin


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