Friday, October 17, 2014

October Movie Preview!

October Movie Preview!

   Recently, I decided to do a monthly movie preview article.  What I hope to accomplish, is to inform others of upcoming films for that month.  As well as what I'm excited about seeing.  Then the following month I'll do a summary of the previous month. 
        I will also tell you why I'm excited/interested in seeing certain movies.  I'll be giving a rating system for my excitement from 1 to 4 (4 being the highest and 1 the lowest) as well.
  So lets begin...

October 3, 2014:
Gone Girl, Annabelle, and Left Behind
Excitement Level: 4
Reason:  It's a David Fincher movie!!!  The screenplay was written by the author of the book.  A super creepy feel to the film.  An amazing cast.

Excitement Level: 1.5
Reason:  I really enjoyed "The Conjuring".  So I'm not really sure why this needed to be made (oh yeah money!) or if it even will tie into the other film.  But other then "Saw" and "Ouija"  this film might bring the best scares of the month.

October 10, 2014:
Dracula Untold, Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day, The Judge, and Addicted.
Excitement Level: 2.5
Reason:  This could be Steve Carell's year (Foxcatcher!!!)!  It will be good to see him in a comedy before he changes his tune next month. This hopefully will be a fun family movie, that was based on a popular children's book.

Excitement Level: 1.5
Reason:  Looks like the popular thing to do now, re-imagine classic stories, has gotten it's hands on Dracula.  Might be okay.  The bats look cool and it is Dracula!?!

Excitement Level: 1
Reason: Well Downey Jr and Duvall are in it, so it must be good.  But most likely will just be a lackluster film, that Todd and I can make fun of for the rest of the year!  What the hell, lets Netflix it! (Maybe...)

October 17, 2014:
Fury, The Book of Life, Birdman, Kill the Messenger, Camp X-Ray, The Best of Me, and Dear White People 

Excitement Level:
Reason:  A unique World War 2 film, based inside a tank.  I have never seen a tank film before (is there another one??).  Plus there is an amazing cast!!

Excitement Level: 4
Reason: Michael "Freaking" Keaton!!!  Talk about a guy who has totally rebounded and breathed new life in his carer!  Tons of Oscar buzz around this film, with an all-star cast.  

Excitement Level: 3
Reason:  A movie about our government and how one man will stand up and fight back.   Jeremy Renner looks like he has carried over his role from "American Hustle" really well.   

Excitement Level: 3
Reason:  Looks like a fun animated film with good voice acting.  Also the animation looks incredible and truly brings out the Hispanic feel too.

October 24, 2014:
Ouija, John Wick, and St. Vincent

Excitement Level: 3
Reason:  I have never been a huge Keanu Reeves fan, but that might change.  Every trailer I have seen for this, he basically sells this movie to me.  Looks like a fun action flick, in a mildly crowed drama and horror filled week.

October 31, 2014:
Nightcrawler, Saw, and Horns

Excitement Level: 4
Reason:  Jake Gyllenhaal gives a super creepy performance.  He continues to be better and better with each film he puts out.  He gives the news room and creepy presence.

My top 5 for most anticipated for this month are:
1: Birdman
2: Gone Girl 
3: Nightcrawler
4: Fury
5: John Wick/ Kill the Messenger

Summary of Previous Month:

Well I only saw one film in theaters last month, so it will be my movie of the month for September!!!
                                      The Skeleton Twins                                           
                                                2.5 Stars

Alright, well that concludes it.  I'm looking forward to October at the movies!!

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