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Adam's Top Ten Worst Movies of 2015!!

2015 is finally over!
Have you ever left a movie theater wishing you had your money back?  Well that happened to me, three times this year!  I hated that feeling so much!  I go to the theater to be taken away in the experience.  Though it's hard to get swept away when the script or acting is horrible.  This past year had a ton of really good movies but a lot of crap!  Before we get to the top movies of the year, lets talk about the crap bombs, I suffered through.

Best Performance in a crappy movie: Alicia Vikander - The Danish Girl
                                                                Dev Patel - Chappie
                                                                Raffey Cassidy - Tomorrowland

Worst Performance in a crappier movie: Dieter Laser - Human Centipede 3
                                                                       Ninja and Yo-Landi Visser - Chappie
                                                                       Johnny Deep - Mortdecai

Worst Laughs: Hot Pursuit, Unfinished Business, Mortdecai

Worst Scares: Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension, Sinister 2, The Lazarus Effect, The Woman in Black 2, The Visit

Worst Direction: Josh Trank - Fantastic Four
                              Tom Six - Human Centipede 3

Movies that I haven't suffered through (yet): Da Sweet Blood of Jesus
                                                                             Point Break
                                                                             Alvin and the Chipmuncks: The Road Chip
                                                                             Jupiter Ascending
                                                                             The Seventh Son
                                                                             The Gunman
                                                                             The Cobbler

Honorable Mentions:  Tomorrowland, Hitman Agent 47, Unfinished Buisness, Woman in Black 2, Strange Magic, The Visit, Chappie, The Danish Girl

The Loft
This movie could be some what descent.  It defiantly has the cast to do so (Karl Urban, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller, Eric Stonestreet) but they are left with nothing to do, but to over act.  The script is pretty bad too. I totally called that ending too!

Fantastic Four
Like the previous movie, what a great cast!  I watched this right after I saw Creed.  Michael B. Jordan is amazing in that movie.  Fantastic Four however wants you to extend your disbelieve, and believe these five great actors are still in high school.  This movie could be a fun reboot.  But it only shows that FOX needs to sell this property to Disney so we can see an actual good movie.  Josh Trank what happened?  Boring movie and a totally lame climax too!

Fifty Shades of Grey
This movie is based of the popular books of the same name.  I rather watch the cover of the book for two hours then Dakota Johnson bite her bottom lip again!  It was so unbearable to see her lip bite, she does it like a hundred times.  Way to force that on us!  The actors could be 2x4s and it might be better.  Oh and there will be two more of these films. 

Human Centipede III
Defeintly the grossest film on this list.  Tom Six, your a sick f*ck!!!  This has two of the worst performances (Dieter Laser, Laurence R. Harvey) of the year.  This movie is the definition of torture porn.  Speaking of which, when you cast a porn star (Brie Olsen) in your film, you know that they will force the sex on you.  Glad this film series is over!

Big Game
A movie starring Samuel L. Jackson, as the president of the United States, and Air Force One gets shot down by terrorist.  Sounds like it could be a fun, campy 80's themed movie.  But wrong!  This has to be one of the weakest characters Samuel L. Jackson has ever played.  I hated that he was a practically worthless and only a teenage boy could save the day with a bow and arrow against guns.  Very boring movie!  

The Lazarus Effect
This movie is about bringing dead people back to life.  As many of films on this list, the cast is very promising.  Mark Duplass and Olivia Wilde lead the cast.  I really like both of these actors, but felt really bad for both of them in this film.  When they finally bring someone back to life, it only gets worse.  Poor effects and lame jump scares, could hardly keep my attention.  

Sinister 2
Now originally, I had this film at number five.  But then I realized, I actually paid to see this crap.  The first Sinister was very innovative and provided some really amazing images and scares.  The second one provided nothing new to the series and tried its best to be like the first film.  It was a big disappointment and a waste of time.

Hot Pursuit
Yet, another film I paid to see!  How do you follow up an Oscar performance in "Wild"?  You act in a comedy with a weird accent.  There was zero chemistry between Reese and Sofia and the same amount of laughs in the theater.  It was so hard to sit through this movie.  The best part was the credits!

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
Another lame horror sequel.  This is the last film in the franchise, that hasn't been good since the third movie.  This time the people in the house find a camera that actually shows the ghost.  The "ghost" is a lame cgi effect that spoils anytime the film is trying to be scary.  Its like watching Halloween,  but every frame has Mike Meyers in it.  No suspense, just yawns.

I don't know how this film got made.  This was defiantly a paycheck movie.  The actors look tired.  The film tries to be funny but none of the jokes hit.  I'm glad that Johnny Deep and Paul Bettany redeemed themselves this year with Black Mass and Avengers: Age of Ultron.  They both are good actors but just are in some awful films.

Well, that's my list!  What makes your top 10 worst?

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