Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SNL Season 39.3 Review - Bruce Willis, Katy Perry

Bruce Willis was sort of an odd choice to host the third episode of SNL this season.  It's not like he's a regular host that comes back year after year.  This was only his second time hosting and the first since 1989.  He doesn't have a project to promote or have his name in the tabloids at all recently.  So why did he host?  Good question.  I really don't have an answer to it, but it was a bit of fun to watch.  Bruce Willis has such a dry, deadpan delivery, and it was obvious he was having the time of his life.  It wasn't a great episode by any means, but it did give some pretty solid laughs.

Cold Opening

It was a great idea to combine two current events like this into one sketch.  They start with a spoof of the hit movie Gravity with two astronauts getting hit by debris and finding themselves in some serious trouble.  When they call down to mission control, no one is there but the custodians due to the government shutdown.  Clever premise and decent execution.  I think Taran Killam is trying to be in every sketch this year.


It seems that whenever they don't know what to do with a host during the monologue, they find some random talent to exploit.  This was one of those days.  After Bruce got us caught up on his personal life over the last 24 years, and Bobby Moynihan informed us that, after playing the baby in Look Who's Talking, he's been like a son to Bruce, they decide to jam a little on the harmonica.  Bruce was actually pretty good, but that could just be comparative after Bobby was as bad as he possibly could be.

Weekend Update

This is really starting to become a highlight of every show once again.  Cecily is sounding more like she's been a Weekend Update anchor for three years, not three episodes, and the chemistry between her and Seth is great.  The guest bits weren't great, however they did have some laughs.  The Congress chaplain, played by Kenan, who insults political figures in the context of his prayer, showed why his experience on the show is so necessary right now.  Also, Brooks Wheelen gets his first great time to shine as he informs the world of the dangers of impulsive tattoos.  However, like I said, the highlights were Seth and Cecily, which was capped by a back-and-forth roast of the Bruce and Kris Jenner break up.  It was like they didn't know which joke to go with so they just went with all of them.

Best Sketch

This one is easy.  The Boy Dance Party.  All the ladies go dancing and leave all the boys at home to watch the game, but instead they throw their own dance party just for the boys.  That's really all there is to say about it.  Enjoy!

Worst Sketch

This one is pretty easy too.  With a guy like Bruce Willis hosting for the first time in 24 years, there were a lot of films and moments to make fun of.  Some worked, like the military group about to attack a compound and Willis wanting the plan to be allowing him to John McClane his way in and out (and everyone else eventually agreeing).  This one did not work.  Spoofing Armageddon, the crew is about to reach the asteroid to plant a nuke.  Enter the most annoying character that has ever gotten a repeat appearance on the show, Kirby and his wittle kitty cat.  It's just stupid and not funny at all.  I was hoping the nuke actually did blow up that cat so we never have to see him and his owner again.  (I'm actually posting the good sketch I mentioned below to make up for how terrible the other one is ... and this one is actually pretty funny)

Dark Horse Sketch

It was short, but it was brilliant.  At a party for Centauri Vodka, Bruce Willis is hired to play a vodka-serving centaur, at least the front half of him.  The back half, played by John Milhiser in his first real screen time this season (if you can call it that), was having trouble breathing, and Willis seemed to be the only one that cared.  What happens next is just hilarious.

There were some definite laughs in this episode, and some definite eye rolls (Lady Gaga Talk Show).  It saw the first re-run sketch with the e-meth commercial getting a second viewing.  It also featured another appearance of a "YouTube Sketch" as rush week in a fraternity goes a little sideways (or almost sideways??? ... never get a chance to use that in an actual sentence).  Bruce Willis wasn't a great host, but I think he deserves a call more than every 24 years.


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